P941 - Weather Proof Type Pressure Switch

Type: P941

Application: Corrosive fluids and high pressure measurements

Setting range: 0 - 70 kgf/cm²

No. of contacts: 1x SPDT

Condition: Unused

Origin: Korea

Price: Available on request

P940 series pressure switches are micro contact type, and these are suitable for corrosive fluids and high pressure measurements.

Setting range: 0 - 70 kgf/cm²

Element: C Type Bourdon Tube, 316SS

Contact: Micro Contact Type, One SPDT

Pressure connection: Stainless Steel (316SS)

Process connection: 3/8"

Conduit connection: 1/2" PF (Single Set point)

Dead band: Fixed

Working temperature (ambient): -20 °C to +65 °C

Working temperature (fluid): Max. 100 °C

For more information on technical data, please refer to the data sheet.

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