Siemens servomotor SQN71.664A20

Type: SQN71.664A20

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Reversible electric actuator for air dampers and control valves of oil and gas burners.


The actuators of the SQN7... range are designed to drive gas and air dampers of oil or gas burners of small to medium capacity and provide load-dependent control of the amount of gas, oil or combustion air

• in connection with single- or two-wire control or three-position controllers, or

• directly through the burner control


Mains voltage: AC 220 V -15 %...AC 240 V +10 %

Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz ±6 %

Type of motor: synchronous motor

Power consumption: 6 VA

Angular position: max. 160°

Mounting position: optional

Degree of protection: IP 40 to DIN 40050, provided adequate cable entries and screws are used

Cable entry: suited for 1 x Pg9 and 1 x Pg11, no locknut required

Cable connections: screw terminals for wires having a cross-sectional area of 0.5 to 2.5 mm²

Ferrules: matching the dia. of the standard wire

Direction of rotation: refer to «Type summary» in data sheet

Torques and holding torques: refer to «Type summary» in data sheet

Running times: 4...30 s for 90°

Coupling: drive shaft / geartrain by means of a pin

Weight (on average): approx. 800 g

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