Danfoss oil pump BFP 21 R5

Type: BFP 21 R5

Stock: Subject to availability

Condition: New

Price: Available on request

Note: Plug-in cable is ordered separately for the pump.

BFP 20/21 sizes 3 and 5 oil pumps are designed for small/medium-sized domestic oil burners up to 42 l/h.

Application and features

– Light oil and kerosene

– 1 or 2-pipe operation

– 1-stage

– Built-in pressure regulator

– Solenoid valve cut-off (BFP 21)

– Cartridge filter

BFP 20/21

Pressure range: 7-20 bar

Speed: 1400-3450 rpm

Coil power consumption: 9 W

Rated voltage: 220/240V, 50/60 Hz

Coil enclosure: IP 40

Shaft/neck: EN 225

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