LOK16.250A27 - Oil Burner Controller

Type: LOK16.250A27

Application: For oil burners

Mains voltage: AC 230 V -15 / +10 %

Pre-purge time (t1): 22.5 seconds

Flame supervision with: Photocell detector RAR9

Brand: Landis & Gyr, Germany

Condition: Used (pictures available on request)

Stock: Subject to availability

Price: Available on request

Note: Plug-in base needs to be ordered separately.

  • For gas, oil or dual-fuel forced draft burners of medium to high capacity
  • For multistage or modulating burners in continuous operation
  • With air pressure supervision for checked air damper control
  • Flame supervision with silicon detector RAR
  • Suitable for use with air heater (WLE)
  • With self-checking flame signal amplifier
  • The control sequence and connection circuitry of the LOK16... burner controls are identical to those of the LAL2...

  • General unit data

    Mains voltage: AC 230 V -15 / +10 %

    Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz ±6 %

    Power consumption: 3.5 VA

    Prepurge time (t1): 22.5 seconds

    Safety time (TSA): 5 seconds

    Mounting orientation: No restrictions

    Temperature range: -20...+60 °C

    Humidity: < 95 % r.h.

    Weight: approx. 1000 g

    Weight plug-in base: approx. 165 g

    For more information on technical data, please see data sheet.

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