VGD40.065 - Double Gas Valve

Type: VGD40.065 Serie 01

Line size: DN 65

Flow rate: 160 m³/h

Max. operating pressure: 700 mbar

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Brand: Siemens, Germany

Price: Available on request

Double Gas Valves

Double gas valves for use on gas trains, consisting of 2 safety shut-off valves of class A. Suited for use with gases families I...III.

The double gas valve is to be combined with 2 actuators of the SKP... line (e.g. to provide the functions of 2 safety shut-off valves in series, complete with gas pressure governor).

Class: A (EN 161)

Group: 2

Flow rate: 160 m³/h

Perm. medium temperature: -15...+60 °C

Materials: Sand-cast aluminium

Weight: Approx. 8.4 kg

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