V4055D1001 - Gas Valve Actuator

Type: V4055D1001

Supply voltage: 110/120V

Opening time: 32s at 50Hz, 26s at 60Hz

Max. safe operating pressure: 5 psi (34 kPa)

Stem force: 140 lbs. @ +75 F

Brand: Honeywell

Condition: Used (pictures available on request)

Stock: Subject to availability

Price: Available on request


The V4055 Gas Valve Actuator, in combination with a VE5000 (European use only), V5055 or V5097 Gas Valve, controls the gas supply to commercial and industrial burners.


  • The V4055 Actuator, when used with VE5000, V5097 or V5055 Valve, is rated for final safety shutoff service.
  • The V4055 Actuator can be used with the characterized guide model of the V5055 or V5097 Gas Valve to enhance lightoff smoothness.
  • The standard model has an opening time of 26 seconds at 60 Hz or 32 seconds at 50 Hz. A fast-opening model is available with timings of 13 seconds at 60 Hz or 16 seconds at 50 Hz.
  • Maximum closing time is one second, which meets code, standard and insurer requirements.
  • Red OPEN indicator attached to actuator stem shows when valve is even slightly open; yellow SHUT indicator on valve stem shows only when gas valve is fully closed.
  • Models available with adjustable max flow limit switch.
  • Valve and actuator combinations can be mounted in any position, with the exception of the 220 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz models, which are mounted vertically.
  • V4055D and high pressure V4055E with Proof-of-Closure Switch and V5055/V5097C or E with valve seal overtravel interlock (double seal) to meet specific code, standard and insurer requirements.

  • Supply voltage: 110/120V 50/60 Hz

    Opening time: 32s at 50Hz, 26s at 60Hz

    Closing time: < 1 sec

    Stem force: 140 lbs. @ +75 F

    Maximum safe operating presure: 5 psi (34 kPa)

    Used with: V5055; V5097 Gas Valves

    Operating temperature: -23°C to 70°C

    For more information on technical data, please see data sheet.

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