SQM10.16561 - Siemens 110V Actuator

Type: SQM10.16561

Voltage: 110V~ 50/60Hz

Nominal torque: 10 Nm

Running time: 42s

Angular rotation: 130°

Brand: Siemens

Origin: Germany

Condition: Used

Stock: Subject to availability

Price: Available on request

The reversible electromotoric actuators of the SQM... range are for use in connection with controllers or switching devices equipped with changeover contacts.

- Nominal torque of 10 Nm

- 42s running time

- Counterclockwise rotation

Voltage: AC110V 50/60Hz

Running time: 42s

Angular rotation: 130°

Wiring diagram no.: 2

Direction of rotation: Counterclockwise

Number of auxiliary switches: 5

Nominal torque: 10 Nm

Starting torque: 15 Nm

Holding torque: 7 Nm

Power consumption: 9 VA

Mounting position: optional

Degree of protection: IP54

Weight: Approx. 1.7 kg

Temperature range (operation): -20...+60 °C

For more technical information, please refer to data sheet.

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