SGU 930 - Control Box

Type: SGU 930

Mod.: 33-33

Application: Oil, gas and dual-fuel burners

Flame detection: Ionisation probe / UV sensor / Infra-red flicker

Supply voltage: 220/240V 50Hz

Brand: Satrnoic

Stock: Subject to availability

Price: Available on request

Note: Plug-in base is ordered separately.

Control Box

The SGU 930 and SGU 930i control boxes are suitable for oil, gas and dual-fuel burners of high firing rates. Methods of flame detection include:

- Flame ionisation rod

- UV detector cell

- Infra-red flicker detector

The SGU 930 and SGU 930i control boxes have been designed to controland supervise single, two-stage and modulating burners on oil, gas or dual-fuel applications. Both are completely new designs. They combine the most up to date mechanics for the safety features together with electronic components. With the same dimensions as the earlier TM series of burner controls, the SGU 930 and SGU 930i contain the following design features and functions:

- 24 unit mechanical cam switch assembly and 4 relays for fail save functions

- Flame signal LED display

- Wiring base with 44 screw type terminals

- Programmable functions, with underside wiring links in the base

- 2-wire control for 3 position air damper motor

- Extendible safety interlock circuit and remote lockout option

- Replaceable internal fuse

- Separate start circuit for proof of closure switches

General unit data

Supply voltage: 220 / 240 V AC (-15...+10 %)

Mains frequency: 50 Hz

Power consumption: approx. 10 VA

Built-in fuse: T6.3 / 250, DIN 41571

External fuse: 16 A max.

Ambient temperature: -20° C...+60° C

Mounting altitude: any

Flame signal display: 5 red LEDs

UV cell: UVZ 780 red, white, blue

IRD: IRD 1020

Ion: Ionisation rod

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