SEZ 61.1 - Polygyr On/Off Switch

Type: SEZ 61.1 S03

Operating voltage: 24 VAC ±20%

Control signal voltage: 0...10 V d.c.

Control signal current rating: 0,1 mA max.

Condition: Used

Stock: Subject to availability

Brand: Landis & Gyr / Polygyr

Origin: Germany

Price: Available on request


The SEZ61.1 on/off switch is used in POLYGYR controlled air conditioning, ventilating and heating installations for the control voltage or actuator position dependent on/off switching of various units. For example:

- Fans

- Pumps

- Relays

- Signal lamps

- Actuators and control motors with on/off control (single-wire control)

Voltages between 24 250 V a.c. can switched.


When the 0...10 V d.c. input signal reaches the set switching point, the SEZ61.1 switches over

  • from Q2 to Q3 in the case of increasing control voltage
  • from Q3 to Q2 in the case of decreasing control voltage
  • Above and below the 0...10 V d.c. nominal range there is an overrange of 1 V.

    The switching interval SA refers to Q2. It can be set to any value within the range of -1...11 V d.c.

    The switching differential SD can be set to any value within the range of 0,2...10 V d.c.

    Operating voltage: 24 VAC ±20%

    Frequency: 50...60 Hz

    Power consumption: 1 VA

    Control signal

    - Voltage 0...10 V d.c.

    - Current rating 0,1 mA max.

    Ambient temperature: -10...+50°C

    Weight: 0.032 kg

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