QRA10M.C - UV Flame Detector

Type: QRA10M.C

Senstivity: High

Condition: New

Brand: Siemens

Origin: Germany

Price: Available on request


The flame detectors are used for the supervision of gas flames, yellow- or blue-burning oil flames and for ignition spark proving.


With this type of flame supervision, the UV radiation emitted by gas or oil flames is used to generate the flame signal.

The radiation detector consists of a UV-sensitive cell with 2 electrodes, which ignite when illuminated with radiation in the 190...270 nm range of the spectrum, thereby triggering a current in the flame detector circuit.

The UV cell does not respond to glowing firebrick in the combustion chamber, daylight or light from the boiler room illumination.

Mechanical Design

Plastic housing, metalized to prevent static charging caused by the air flow from the fan. For direct mounting on the burner. The detectors can be supplied with or without securing flange and clamp (refer to «Type summary»).

Average life of UV cell

Approximately 10,000 hours at maximum 50 °C, higher ambient temperatures reduce considerably the cell's life.

Perm. combustion chamber pressure: max. 50 mbar

Degree of protection: IP 54

Mounting position: optional

Weight: approx. 740 g

Temperature range: -20...+60 °C

Humidity: < 95 % r.h.

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