LGB22.330A27 - Siemens Burner Controller

Type: LGB22.330A27

Application: Gas or gas/oil burners

Mains voltage: 220-240 VAC

Flame detector: Ionization probe or UV detector QRA... with AGQ1...A27

Brand: Siemens

Origin: Germany

Condition: New

Stock: Subject to availability

Price: Available on request

Plug-in base: Ordered separately

LGB... Burner Controls

Burner controls for the supervision of 1- or 2-stage gas or gas/oil burners of small to medium capacity (typically up to 350 kW), with or without fan, in intermittent operation.


The LGB... burner controls are used for the startup and supervision of 1- or 2-stage gas or gas/oil burners in intermittent operation.

Depending on the type of burner control used, the flame is supervised either by an ionization probe, a blue-flame detector QRC1... for forced draft gas/oil burners, or a UV detector QRA... (with auxiliary unit AGQ1...A27).

In connection with the respective adapters, the LGB... burner controls replace their predecessor types LFI7... and LFM1... (also refer to «Replacement types» under «Ordering»).

General unit data

Mains voltage: AC 220 V -15 %...AC 240 V +10 %

Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz ±6 %

Power consumption: 3 VA

Degree of protection: IP 40

Mounting position: optional

Weight: approx. 230 g

Operational temperature range: -20...+60 °C

Humidity: < 95 % r.h.

For more technical information, please see data sheet.

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