Landis LFE10 220V Control Box

Type: LFE10

Application: Supervision of gas and oil flames

Voltage: 220-240VAC

Availability: In Stock

Condition: Used

Brand: Landis & Gyr

Origin: Germany

Price: Available on request

Note: Plug-in base needs to be ordered separately.


LFE10 is used for the supervision of gas flames and luminous or blue-burning oil flames. Flame supervisioning is conducted in connection with flame detector QRA... or ionization probe.

General unit data

Mains voltage: AC 220 V -15 %...AC 240 V +10 %

Mains frequency: 50...60 Hz ±6 %

Prefuse (external): max. 10 A (slow)

Power consumption: 4.5 VA

Weight: approx. 395 g (without plug-in base)

Mounting orientation: No restrictions

Temperature range: -20...+60 °C

Humidity: < 95 % r.h.

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