Compact Flame Detector ISD 100 24VDC

Type : ISD 100

Sensor type : UV tube

Operating voltage : 24 VDC

Application : Gas- and oil-fired burners

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Brand : BST Solutions

Origin : Germany

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Note : Plug-in cable included.

The ISD 100 is a compact UV flame detector, which was developed specifically for combustion systems for gas- and oil-fired in single burner installations that produce almost no radiation in the visible light spectrum, or work with a very low flame modulation, developed. The robust housing of the flame detector ISD 100 also permits the use especially for industrial applications. Its field of application covers power burner for gas and dual fuel burners in continuous operation for programmable controllers and burner control with an external flame monitor or ionisation. Guarantees used UV tube that background radiations, e.g. are not recognised by glowing refractory or mixer parts.

Sensor type: UV tube

Wave length: 185 up to 260 nm

Operating mode: Continuous

Alignment for flame: Radial

Operating voltage: 24 VDC

Power consumption: approx. 220 mA (400 mA in shutter-phase)

Power consumption: 3.5 VA

Current output: 4 - 20 mA (Ra < 500 Ohm)

Operating temperature range: -20...+60 °C (temperatures over 50°C reduces life of UV tube)

Switching output: potential free relay output

Switching current: 0.5 A max.

Switching power: 30 W max.

Switching voltage: 60 VDC max.

Mounting position: Any

Protection: IP 65

Protection class: I

Electric shock protection according to DIN EN 60730-2-5

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