BCS FLW 05 - Flame Detector System

Type: FLW 05

Operating voltage: 230 VAC

Art.-Nr.: 230611

Brand: DUNGS

Origin: Made in Switzerland

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BCS Flame Detector System

The FLW 05 flame detector is comprised of four separately-operating monitoring systems (UV, ionisation, light, contact). These are installed in a housing, completely equipped as regards hardware and supplied with voltage, and can be selected and configured via the BCS programme. The flame sensors are read out from the master computers via the CAN bus at the CAN controller, which continuously receives information from the flame sensor and causes flame detector tests to be carried out depending on the operating mode configuration which is selected.

Technical data

Operating votlage: 230 VAC

Frequency: 50 Hz

Ambient temperature (operation): 0 °C to +60 °C

Art.-Nr.: 230 611

Geräte-Nr.: 00001094

Version: 2.20

For more information on technical data, please see data sheet.

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